A practical model for endodontic radiography teaching


  • Z.A. Che Abd. Aziz Department of Conservative Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry University of Malaya 50603 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia




simulation apparatus, endodontic radiography teaching


Aim: To manufacture a clinical simulation apparatus for the undergraduates' endodontic radiography teaching Objectives: ? To provide a model for teaching of parallax method using Kelly's forcep ? To provide a model for undergraduates to practice radiographic localization employing parallax method. ? To allow students to practice taking radiographs in a way that simulates the clinical situations with a good diagnostic quality Methods: Impressions of a dentate arch (maxillary and mandibullary) were used to form a stone cast. A section of the cast, in the area where the natural teeth were to be placed, is sectioned and removed. Three maxillary extracted teeth (canine, first and second premolar) were selected and mounted with acrylic resin at the sectioned area. The resin was cured in a light box. The arches were mounted in a phantom head with a placement of rubber cheek. The first premolar was isolated with rubber dam. The intraoral holder (Kelly's forcep) was attached to a robotic arm. The students were taught the correct angulations of the x-ray cone for the paralleling technique and parallax method using Kelly's forcep during root canal treatment. Results: All students managed to complete the exercise and were considered competent when they produced acceptable quality of radiographs. Conclusion: The model described was improvised from a model that has been used during the past 2 years for undergraduates' endodontic courses. It has been well accepted as it simulates the clinical situation more closely than was possible previously.


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