Editorial Policy

Peer Review Process of Ann Dent UM

Editorial decision of the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript is be based on it's adherence to the scope of Ann Dent UM, scientific merit, relevance and interest to the readers in the field of Dentistry, and oral health and diseases.

Editorial decision of acceptance or rejection of a manuscript is not influenced by the quality of English. This is in view to encourage authors from non-native English speaking countries. Accepted manuscripts will be given options to edit English language using any professional language editing services or use English Language Editors of Ann Dent UM. However, failure to comply with the editorial requirement of English language editing during copyedit stage might result in rejection of the manuscript even though the manuscript has been accepted based on other criteria.

Internal Editorial Review: Upon initial submission, each manuscript is evaluated by Executive Editor or an assigned Associate Editor for its scientific merit and suitability for the audience of Ann Den UMAnn Dent UM is committed to complete initial review in less than two weeks. 

External Review:  Upon receiving a favourable recommendation by ‘Internal Editorial Review‘, manuscripts are  sent for external reviewers.

Editorial DecisionDepending on the recommendation of the reviewers and Associate Editor for acceptance (with or without revision) or rejection, final decision is made by the Executive Editor.

If considered for revision, corresponding author is required to submit revised version with list of changes and a response letter to all comments from the reviewers. The revised version might be sent to reviewers for further comment. The process continues until teh Associate Editor or Executive Editor reaches the Editorial Decision. Accepted revised versions are sent for copy editing and formatting. Copyedited and formatted manuscripts are sent to the authors for final check.
If all these steps are successfully completed, the manuscript is then uploaded in the webiste with DoI.
Duration of review process: Depending on the time taken by the reviewers, and time and number of cycles taken to submit revised version(s), the review process takes from four weeks to three months.
All the process is double blind where authors and reviewers identity are kept anonymous.