Scope Ann Dent UM

Ann Dent UM publishes papers pertaining to dentistry and oral health. During submission, authors are required to list not more than three relevant disciplines/areas that match the content of the manuscript. For convenience, Ann Dent Um editorial team is providing a list with different disciplines/areas, but not limited to, as below. Please note that some of the disciplines can be considered as part of or the same as other disciplines in the given list. 

Aesthetic Dentistry Cariology
Conservative Dentistry
Dental Education
Dental Materials
Dental pain
Dental Public health
Dental pulp stem cells
Dental Statistics
Digital Dentistry
Fixed Prosthodontics
Forensic Odontology
Maxillofacial Rehabilitation
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Oral health-related Quality of Life
Oral Hygiene
Oral Immunology
Oral Medicine
Oral Microbiology
Oral Oncology
Oral Pathology
Pediatric Dentistry
Practice Management
Prosthetic Dentistry
Regenerative Dentistry
Removable Prosthodontics
Restorative Dentistry
Special Care Dentistry