Oxygen Gel as an Adjunct to Treatment of Periodontal Pockets


  • Tara B Taieb-Ali Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya
  • B S Kaveh
  • T N Mohd-Dom


chlorine dioxice, aloe vera, periodontal pockets


Present clinical trial was designed to study effect of Oxu=ygen Gel Aloe enriched on healting of periodontal pockets follwoing mechanical non-surgical therapy. Methods: Sample included 16 patients, with chronic adult periodontitis. These patients had paired teeth with pockets >6mm in opposing sides of the mouth in this crossover design study. The trial extended over an 8-week period and assessments of probing pocket depth (PPD), loss of attachment (LOA), mobility, bleeding on probing (BOP) and plaque indices were made at baseline, 4th and 8th week intervals following therapy. Resutls: The test gel as an adjunct to mechanical therapy significantly decreased PPD (p<0.05 -<0.001) on all 5 surfaces except on teh midbuccal; reduced LOA  (p<0.05 -<0.001) on the midlingual and distolingual surfaces; decreased BOP scores (p<0.05 -<0.001) on the mesial, distal and lingual sites and decreased mobility scores (p<0.05 -<0.001) of test teeth at the 8th week interval as compared to control group.


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