Paradental Cyst Associated With an Unerupted Wisdom Tooth


  • Wei Cheong Ngeow Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, University Malaya
  • Rosnah Binti Zain Department of Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine and Periodontology, University Malaya
  • Wen Lin Chai General Dental Practice Unit, Faculty of Dentistry, University Malaya



paradental cyst, unerupted tooth, dental follicular tissue


The paradental cyst is an odontogenic cyst occurring near to the cervical margin of the lateral aspect of a root as a consequence of an inflammatory process in a periodontal pocket. A distinct form of the paradental cyst occurs not infrequently on the buccal aspects of erupted mandibular third molar, where there is an associated history of pericoronitis. A search of the literature revealed that these cysts had all been reported in relation to partially, newly or fully erupted molars. This report presents one case in which the cyst was noticed to be associated with an unerupted third molar. The histological appearance of the cyst and the gross relationship to the cemento-enamel junction is similar to those typical of paradental cysts reported in the literature. However, the radiographic and clinical appearance of the tooth being unerupted do not tally with paradental cyst and yet exclude the diagnosis of dentigerous cyst. The diagnosis of dental follicular tissue was excluded based on the histopathological presentation. The authors suggested that this case may represent an early form of paradental cyst which in the past may have been dismissed as dental follicular residues and thus, the prevalence of paradental cyst may have been under reported in the literature.


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Case Report

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