A Comparative Histopathological Study Of Epithelial Linings Of Odontogenic Cysts And Unicystic Ameloblastomas


  • Janti Sudiono Department of Pathology, Anatomy, Faculty of Dentistry, Trisakti University
  • Rosnah Binti Zain Department of Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine and Periodontology, Faculty of Dentistry, University Malaya




odontogenic cyst, unicystic ameloblastoma, histopathological features


The epithelial cystic linings and adjacent connective tissues of 61 cases of odontogenic cysts (radicular cysts[RC], dentigerous cysts[DC] and odontogenic keratocysts[OKC]) and unicystic ameloblastomas(UA) were described and compared histopathologically. The type of epithelium in relation to the presence of rete processes and the distribution of chronic inflammatory cells were analyzed statistically. Significant associations between the presence of rete processes in the non-keratinized epithelial linings and inflammation in the subjacent connective tissues of RC and DC were found in this study. There was also a statistically significant association between the presence of rete Processes and nonkeratinized epithelial linings in OKC. The results also showed that in inflamed OKC, the cystic lining epithelium exhibited hyperplasia indistinguishable from lining epithelium of RC and DC. This study further showed that ameloblastomatous-like epithelial cystic linings were present in inflammed odontogenic cysts. All except for one case of unicystic ameloblastomas in this study showed ameloblastomatous epithelial cystic linings. It is recommended that the lining epithelium of RC and DC be examined carefully in order to rule out OKC. Similarly, ameloblastomatous-like lining epithelium arising from chronic inflammation in RC and DC should be differentiated from true ameloblastomatous cystic lining. Such careful examinations are diagnostically important in view of the similarities of epithelial cystic linings of inflamed OKC with DC and RC aggressive behavior ofOKC and UA.


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