Platelet concentrates for periodontal regeneration


  • Prabha Kadakampallil John Department of Periodontics, Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences, Kerala
  • Thomas George Valliaveettil Department of Periodontics, Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences, Kerala
  • Annie Kitty George Department of Periodontics, Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences, Kerala
  • Alenya Mary Pyas Department of Periodontics, Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences, Kerala


Platelet concentrates, platelet rich plasma, platelet rich fibrin, injectable platelet-rich fibrin, titanium platelet- rich fibrin


Platelet concentrates are derivatives of blood that aid in haemostasis and wound healing after periodontal regenerative procedures. Its ability to act as a natural scaffold of growth factors has gained significance in many surgical procedures. This review article aims to briefly describe the different platelet concentrates used in the field of periodontology.


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