Journal Description

The International Journal of Palestine Studies (IJPS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes two issues annually, in February and October. Dedicated to advancing knowledge and research on all matters related to Palestine, IJPS addresses broad, common concerns among scholars in areas such as human rights and life under occupation in Palestine while promoting rigorous empirical research. The journal serves as a bridge between academics, stakeholders, and policymakers, fostering communication among researchers across diverse fields, from science to social science.

IJPS is the official journal of the Hashim Sani Centre for Palestine Studies (HSCPS). All articles published in IJPS are freely accessible electronically from the journal's website, with no subscription fees or other forms of payment required. Committed to maintaining high academic standards and an international reputation, IJPS welcomes original, theoretical, and practical submissions from scholars worldwide, guided by the insights and suggestions of its international advisory board.

Aims & scope


To promote rigorous academic research on the history, politics, and culture of Palestine.
To provide a platform for interdisciplinary scholarship that combines humanities and social sciences in examining Palestinian issues.
To facilitate critical discussions on contemporary challenges facing Palestinians, including occupation, human rights, displacement, and economic development.
To highlight the connections between Palestinian communities and the global diaspora.
To contribute to informed policy-making and advocacy through evidence-based research.


The IJPS welcomes submissions from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to:

Recent Conflicts and Escalations:
2023 Gaza War: Causes and Consequences
Impact of Military Operations on Gaza
Civilian Casualties and Conflict Impact

Human Rights and Genocide:
Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing
Human Rights Violations Documentation
Role of International Human Rights Groups

Life Under Occupation:
Daily Realities in West Bank and Gaza
Impact of Israeli Blockade on Gaza
Movement Restrictions and Separation Wall

Displacement and Refugees:
Palestinian Refugees: Camps and Rights
Internal Displacement in Palestine
International Response to Refugee Crisis

Political Developments and Governance:
Post-2019 Political Landscape
Role of Hamas and Palestinian Authority
Diplomatic Efforts and Peace Initiatives

Economic Challenges:
Economic Conditions in Gaza and West Bank
Impact of Sanctions and Boycotts
Grassroots Economic Resilience

Social and Psychological Impact:
Mental Health in Conflict Zones
Social Fabric and Community Support

Education in Conflict Zones:
Media and Representation
Media Coverage of Conflict
Palestinian Voices in Global Media
Social Media's Role in Conflict Narratives

International Law and Justice:
ICC Investigations on Palestine
International Humanitarian Law's Role
Accountability for War Crimes

Cultural Resistance and Identity:
Art, Literature, and Music in Resistance
Cultural Preservation under Occupation
Youth and Resistance Movement

We invite scholars, academicians, and researchers to submit their unpublished original work on these themes to provide a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of recent developments and ongoing issues in Palestine.