The Journal of Informatics and Computational Biology (JICB) is an official journal of the University of Malaya which is managed by the Centre of Research in Systems Biology, Structural Bioinformatics and Human Digital Imaging (CRYSTAL). It is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal with readership throughout the field of life and applied sciences. The JICB was established to provide a platform for scholars, experts, researchers, practitioners, and students from various fields to come together under a common interest in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology to publish original research, review papers, and other scholarly works that are freely accessible to the whole scientific community, locally and internationally. JICB invites research articles, theoretical papers, as well as book reviews touching upon any aspect of bioinformatics and computational biology.

From the outset, the Journal 's main aim was to provide fast and efficient online publication tools to the scientific community, while keeping that community in charge of every aspect of the peer-review and publication process, in order to ensure the highest quality standards.

Consequently, the Advisory and Editorial Boards, composed of distinguished and active scientists in the field, jointly establish with the Scientific Director, the Journal's scientific policy ensure the scientific quality of accepted articles. Editors and referees generally operate anonymously but are free to reveal their identity to the authors.

When submitting a paper to the Journal, contributors must choose and provide keywords that best define the subject of their work. The JICB Editor-in-Chief will then assign the submission to a member of the Editorial Board by choosing the best match of the author 's keywords with the areas of expertise of the available editors, taking editor workload into account. Editors take full responsibility for the submission, either reviewing the pre-print themselves or sending it to as many referees as may be necessary. Editors may also consult a fellow member of the Editorial Board.

The criteria for acceptance are scientific quality, originality and relevance. Length should be appropriate to the information presented. Editors are asked to apply a strict quality filter in selecting contributions for publication.

Manuscripts submitted to JICB must not have been published or be under consideration for publication in other refereed journals, nor should they be sent to other journals while being considered for publication in JICB.

The Editorial Board is JICB 's most important asset. Editors are in charge of the peer-review of submissions and take themselves the final decision on whether or not to publish a contribution. JICB has a large Editorial Board, in order to provide competent coverage for all the areas indicated by the keywords and thus avoid generic decisions or the inappropriate selection of referees. The Editor in charge takes full responsibility for the paper. He/She can assess it him/herself or send it to one or more referees. The Editorial Office is in charge of supervising the functioning of the Journal in collaboration with the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Office monitors the Journal daily, provides assistance to authors, editors and referees, and takes action in the event of any problems or delay that may arise.